Relax your body, mind and nerves with Lemongrass, Fennel, Rose tea

Negative emotions like sadness and nervousness can be soothed with a cup of herbal teas.

Negative emotions like sadness and nervousness can be soothed with a cup of herbal teas. Treat yourself to warm sips of tea made from ingredients like chamomile, fennel, peppermint and rose, suggest experts. Here we tried to listed the pros of tea. Let’s read what are these.

Health benefits of herbal tea

  • Rose tea is also known for fighting depression. It has numerous other benefits as it has vitamin C and antioxidants which give a boosting effect to your body.
  • Chamomile is a magical ingredient used in herbal teas. It has been used by mankind since ages. It is used as a remedy for sleep problems and relaxing the blood vessels and smoothen the muscle fibres. It also acts as an anti-bacterial and helps in controlling diabetes.
  • Peppermint has proven to help in relaxing the muscles. To obtain best results, it should be consumed in the evening before bedtime. It helps people suffering from insomnia. It also contains high level of menthol which helps in relaxing muscles and activates a state of refreshment.
  • People suffering from depression often face sleep deprivation, and that’s where peppermint comes to rescue. It is also helpful to aid digestion.
  • Lemongrass, if consumed regularly in a prescribed quantity, prevents worry and stress from building up. It also contains energy-boosting properties that help in uplifting the mood resulting in refreshment.
  • Boosting the metabolism is the way forward, this will ensure our blood circulation is normal leading to healthy mind. It is one of the key ingredients to ensure this longer term.
  • Fennel is one of the most commonly used herb in India which is eaten post dinner or lunch as raw brewed fennel and drinking as an herb is like ingesting it directly. To cure colic problem a stress which leads to depression, fennel is the best option.

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