Five elements meditation (Panch Tatva Dhyan) – The New wellness trend you must try

Five elements meditation (Panch Tatva Dhyan) is the most effective way to cure depression, stress and anxiety.

Five elements meditation (Panch Tatva Dhyan) technique was developed by ancient Indian mystics to maintain perfect balancing of the five elements and make the body healthy. Using this meditation exercises we can recognize the unbalanced element in the body, we can remove its deficiency to live a healthy life.

According to Yoga and Ayurveda sciences, the whole world is made up of five elements, i.e. earth, water, air, fire and ether (or sky). All living and non-living things of the world are formed by the formation created by combination of these five elements. The human body is no exception also.

If one or more of these five elements becomes unbalanced, it affects our body, mind and brain leading to several physical, psychological or emotional problems. Let us know what these five elements are, how they are identified and how their balance is restored.

Earth Element

The earth element shows solid state of the mater, it describes the body’s stability, beauty, strength and mental stability. Unbalancing of earth element can give you weakness, heaviness in body and mental / emotional instability.

Water Element

Water element is an indicator of the continuous phase of matter. It determines mobility, purity and body temperature. It water is unbalanced, you may feel nervousness, lack of blood, migraine, blood related problems as well as lack of concentration.

Fire Element

The fire element displays the power and energy of the sun. It controls our emotions, nervous system, digestion system and thought process. If fire element is unbalanced, you may feel aggressive, sadness, grief, week digestion, lack of confidence etc. problems.

Wind Element

This element is the gaseous state of matter which tells the body’s mobility. The air element keeps our body moving with oxygen. Once the wind element is out of body, body is no more alive. So you can understand why perfect balancing of wind element is essential for our body.

Ether (Sky) Element

Ether element is also known zero element. The ether element is the base of the universe. If ether is not balanced, it can destroy the whole universe within a very short span of time. Ether element indicated an individual’s spiritual and emotional progress.

How does the Five Elements Meditation (Panch Tatva Dhyan) work?

The Five Elements Meditation (Panch Tatva Dhyan) is a very simple technique; even a ten year old child can do it after learning. First of all, we try to find out which element is unbalanced in the body. Once we know it, we start the process to re-balance it. For example, if you are angry I would advise you to meditate on water element, but if you are angry and unhappy then instead of water element you should meditation on fire and air instead water element.

It is quite easy to know which element is missing the balancing. You can learn it in classed conducted by Shivas. Usually we detect it by studying nerves situated in our right hand and near the throat area. Once you know which element is creating ruckus, you can suggest proper meditation therapy to heal body. The therapy includes appropriate yoga postures, hand gestures and stretching exercises before meditation. Sometimes you may need spa or steam bath also.


  1. Five elements meditation is a very intense meditation program, so whenever you come, make sure you don’t eat anything before 2 to 3 hours of meditation. Especially avoid alcohol or any other type of intoxication strictly.
  2. If you are on medication, whether it is for blood pressure, migraine, heart related to anything, please provide us details, so we can make changes accordingly.
  3. While doing this practice, it is necessary that you are wearing loose clothes and cotton clothes so that the body can get full benefits.
  4. Avoid taking tea or coffee immediately after practice. You can have juice or other light food after 30 minutes. Do not eat non-vegetarian food for the next 48 hours.

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