Wonders of an herbal steam bath

A medicated or herbal steam bath gives instate relief relaxing body, mind and nervous system.

A medicated or herbal steam bath not only soothes nerves but also relaxes mind. Its medical advantages include curbing respiratory problems like sinusitis along with expelling toxins from body. It is also being used to remove dead skin.

Aromatic Oils

Not just leaves but you can also use 4-5 drops of oil extracted from them and add to hot water for a healthy steam bath. Aromatic oils reduce stress, restlessness, and keep you energized. A bath infused with these is known to eliminate pneumatic bacteria and help cure cold, cough, pneumonia and influenza. Steam Bath using aromatic oils expels phlegm and solves the problem of a sore throat.


Indian spices have great potential to fight health problems. Putting spices like carom seeds, cinnamon or small chunks of ginger in hot water can make the steam bath even more potent. Aromatic spices like ginger and seeds with medicinal properties will help to cure respiratory diseases.

herbal steam bath benefits
herbal steam bath benefits


A decoctions infused steam bath is mainly used to cure joint problems and muscle stiffness. A decoction is the combination of root, bark and rhizomes of medicinal plants in a steam bath. The advantages of root, bark and rhizomes’ steam can help those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and spondylitis.

Ayurvedic Herbs & Oils

So, if you want to keep yourself healthy from the inside as well, the herbal steam bath is what you need. A medicated bath using different types of ayurvedic oils, spices, flower petals and decoctions is highly beneficial. According to experts an array of herbs and oils can enhance your bathing experience while improving your health quotient. Many naturopathy and wellness experts recommend herbal steam bath to get immediate relief in stress and depression. To cure depression essential oils can be added to steam bath.

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