Why meditation is really important?

Meditation is not limited to sitting in Padmaasana (lotus pose) or a particular pose.

Why meditation? Is sitting in Padmaasana (Lotus Pose) and touching tips of thumbs and forefingers always necessary for meditation? Definitely meditation is not limited to sitting in Padmaasana or a particular pose.

What is meditation?

Meditation is all about concentrating on a single focus. That focus may be on an object or chosen deity’s image. When concentration becomes continuous it is called meditation and when the meditator and object of meditation become one it is called Samadhi. This is the main motive of the meditation as told in Yoga.

Why we should meditate?

Meditation is just focusing of attention on a thing, object, thought or deity continuously for some time. The purpose of meditation is to control thoughts, which continuously harass and trouble us. It is in the nature of our subconscious mind that it dwells either on bygone past or wanders in to future. It never stays in present, which is really a moment to enjoy ! Past never comes back and future comes only in the form of now and here! The present moment!

Why meditation?

If you can’t enjoy the present moment you can never enjoy future, because future comes as present moment only.

How to meditate at anywhere?

You can meditate while walking. Just become aware of your body weight on your feet .Feel the soft touch of tender grass beneath your feet. Listen to the soft sounds of your walking feet!

If you come across a shrub containing beautiful flowers, stop and observe the beautiful pattern of its petals, smell its aroma. Look to the enchanting patterns of colorful designs.

What a wonder every species of flowers has different colors, aroma, number of its petals .Isn’t the nature so wonderful? From the same soil spring the myriad flowers of different shapes, colors and aroma! Imagine that beauty in your closed eyes, feel them.

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