Slow down ageing with right food, ample sleep

If you are more positive, and happy then you do not age as fast.

Want to age slowly and live a happy and longer life?
Eat right, get adequate sleep and stay positive.

“There are a couple of things, one is food for sure. What you eat is what you reflect. Also, how you think matters. If you are more positive, and happy then you don’t age as fast,” says wellness experts.

“The third is sleep, which is super important. These three things determine your youthfulness,” added the nutritionist and wellness expert. They also said, “fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains to a small extent and pulses are extremely healthy”.

“The more natural and less processed you eat, the slower you age because then you’re giving your body the nutrients, vitamins, the anti-oxidants which help to form the collagen and maintain the elasticity of your skin. “That way, your cells break down and repair faster rather than just breaking down and not repairing because of the unhealthy food,” they say.

Grab a bite while on the go

People, mainly young professionals who prefer food on the go, have to be really careful. Expert said, “The whole point is that they need to be organized as to what they would eat the entire day, and depend less on packaged and outside food. So if they are organized and carry proper meals for proper timings and instead of eating chips or having tea or coffee, if they pick up fruits or have more of coconut water with malai (butter) or have a handful of nuts that would help them give them the nutrients that their body needs.”

He emoted that eliminating stress, sleeping well and sleeping enough, kicking the butt and curbing alcohol will also make a difference. “It’s the continued stress and our body’s natural, evolutionary response that causes all sorts of health problems, including weight gain,” she said. To this, nutritionist say, “Tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed at all. These things can wreck your whole youthfulness.

Courtesy: Rajasthan Patrika

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