Learn How to heal yourself without medicines?

It is true that our body can heal itself without any external medication or anything.

According to scientific researches  body can heal itself.
Once you know the basics, you can learn, how to heal yourself also.

How does our body heals itself

There are so many inbuilt mechanisms by which body takes care of itself when injured. It helps itself by bringing new cells and repair materials through the blood stream at the site of damaged tissue or organ in case of being invaded by foreign elements eg. bacteria, viruses and fungi; it produces antibodies against invading germs and destroys them.

Body raises its temperature to destroy these invaders whether they be in the form of bacteria, viruses and fungus. That’s why in the initial one or two days no fever reducing tablets or capsules should be taken. Internal defense mechanism of the body should be allowed full play to combat the invading germs or foreign materials.

At this time, white blood cell count in the blood increases. These are the very cells which fight the invaders by neutralizing and devouring them. In fact the body’s self defense mechanism is so efficient that if we do not disturb its own defenses these problems will be overcome.

But what happens at the first sign of fever even, if its only half a degree centigrade above normal range we gulp down paracetamol or aspirin and diclofen tablets or capsules to bring down temperature, which is a defense mechanism of body to raise the body at such a temperature thereby of the blood in which the invading bacteria or viruses can’t survive.

How the body reacts in an injury

The same is with injury repair and replacement of the injured tissue whether there is a fracture or just an abrasion or burn. The body takes care of itself. what we are expected to do is not to hamper or obstruct this process. We can help body in case of a fracture of bone is to aligns the broken pieces and immobilize the limb and protect it from flies and dirt by bandaging the open wound so that it does not get infected by bacteria or dirt.

How to heal yourself cooperating with your own body

Our body’s autoimmune system is so efficient that it instantly detects the foreign body whether they are germs or foreign material, that is not similar to body’s own system. army of white blood cells is immediately dispatched and they are immediately destroyed and devoured by these white cell soldiers. the bodies of these brave defencers appear as pus formation.

What happens in immunization against say for instance smallpox, anthrax, tetanus and whooping cough vaccination is the attenuated forms of those very bacteria or viruses are injected in the body to provoke production in large quantities of white blood cells and t-4 cell so that in future these very invading bacteria/ viruses are instantly recognized and destroyed?

By attenuation is meant these bacteria and viruses are so modified by various means that their disease producing potential is gone or minimum and in vaccination these are in very minute quantities and in much greater dilution.

Why do we need suppression of this autoimmune immune response by corticosteroids and other such drugs in case of transplant in our body of the organ of other person’s organ eg. kidney?

Because if this automatic detection and destruction of a organ of foreign origin be not suppressed than the rejection of that transplanted organ is a near certainty.

Body has its own intelligence to cure diseases

Another mechanism is that of maintaining homeostasis of the internal environment of the body eg. body temperature and maintaining acid / alkali balance in the blood on the side of alkalinity, our blood is little alkaline. Because this alkalinity is essential for the functioning of various various enzymes and hormones which regulate the whole body’s internal and external functions in optimal conditions.

If our blood becomes acidic rate of our breathing frequency is increased so that more of the carbon di oxide is expelled through exhalation. Carbon oxide in combination with water makes carbonic acid which disturbs in ionic balance in the blood.

Do you know why do we shiver in the cold? By shivering more hot blood is pumped to the skin to combat falling temperature in the atmosphere. In shivering muscles contract at more frequent intervals and this needs more energy which is supplied by the increased blood flow in the skin.

This gives warmth and relief from cold. Another indigenous mechanism against pain is production of morphine like pain killer by our own body mostly in the brain. Even morphine and opium works the same way by attaching themselves to the receptor sites to block pain sensations.

We can help production of more of indigenous morphine like substances called endorphins by remaining calm and composed and not fretting and cursing.

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