Get new tasty summer drinks, get ready to save yourself in heat

Be it any summer drink, almost all of them contain mint as an essential ingredient.

The summer menus are taking shape in hotels and restaurants across the country. And when we talk about summer drinks menus can mocktails be far behind? Chefs are curating and creating a plethora of different mocktails that not just suit the taste buds of the people but also appeal to their eye and satiate their olfactory senses. Read here what the top chefs revealed.

Mint all the way

Mint is a high in demand herb that we use in a number of ways in mocktails and summer coolers. Talking about the benefits of mint in summer drinks, chefs say, “Be it any summer drink, almost all of them contain mint as an essential ingredient. When taken with  lemonade, mojito, butter milk, etc. it saves from scorching summer heat.”

Time no Bar

While the noon time is considered to be the most preferable time for coolers, summers witness a huge intake of these mocktails that are an essential choice throughout the day.

Mix it up

Mixing different fruits and spices with drinks in the form of shakes and smoothies is very much in trend. Speaking on the same, Chefs say, “Fruits like Mulberries (Shahtoot), Grewia asiatica (Phalsa) have properties to keep the  body cool in the summer. We use these fruits in different mocktails Besides this, we also  experiment and offer  smoked masala chaas or gulkand flavor chaas.”

Go Desi

Despite the various experiments  with flavors, the traditional Indian summer coolers are back in demand for their authentic taste. Speaking on this trend, one of the top chefs says, “We focus on authentic summer coolers based on curd such as chaas, lassi, butter milk (both sweet and salty). We offer these drinks in home-made style as most of our guests  refrain from  trying out newer experiments with the authentic flavors of the mocktails.

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