“One cannot undo what has happened. But the inexorable march of time offers the wise opportunities for redemption. Do not escape. Stay in this world and do your karma.”

As an individual we have to face several changes in our life, sometimes we succeed, sometime we do not. Many years before when i was a young chap, my grandfather’s sudden death came to me as an earthquake. Soon, I lost my job which was my one and only source of income. I had to do struggle to earn credibility in my life. This was an era of completely darkness and sorrow of my life. But, I dared, I fought and conquered the battle against my fate.

Fortunately that time I had blessings of my parents and my guru who taught me how to conquer depression and sadness of life. This struggle motivated me to do something valuable, something more beneficial. Finally in short words, I had a motive to achieve in this life.

I learned yoga and meditation, I started to teach meditation classes to individuals and students groups. This new work profile gave me what I was searching. Later I did several experiments with my students and meditation classes only to invent my own “Ganesha Vidya” and several other new meditation techniques.

Why Shiva’s is created

Shiva, the God of destruction (of illusions) is my first guru. He taught me several lessons in real life through various incidents and peoples. He offered me good advice from some of the best teachers in the world of meditation. Shiva motivated me to grab new opportunities clearing all doubts. He made me to accept new challenges of life. So all of things, I learned or I invented are the boons of Nataraj (another name of God Shiva).

Shiva’s is my tribute to my first guru. Here I will try to share all of best things I learn in life, things that inspired me to fight against depression, things that motivated to me to live happily forever.