5 Good news this week, you would love to read

Know 5 reasons to be happy that were selected Good news this week

Shiva’s is here with a new concept “Good news this week“. Here you will know the best things happening around you. It would be something interesting, beneficial or just funny that will make you smile. In the second part, know 5 best reasons to be happy that discovered this week. We are giving here just title and short descriptions; to read complete news (from the original source) click on the given link. So let’s have a dig at “5 Good news this week that will make you happy“.

1. Sheep research could pave way for growing human organs in animals

It may be sound sci-fi movie story but it is true. Scientists have created the first human-sheep hybrids, which could lead the way for organs to be grown in animals that can be transplanted into people. A similar study with pigs was announced a year ago, but the Stanford University-based human-sheep hybrid research appears to have a leg up. The process could lead to create healthy pancreases to find cure for diabetes. If the research goes successfully, it will be one more step toward to immortality. Read complete story here.

2. One Minute Meditation For Forgiveness And Anger

New research suggests that one minute meditation for forgiveness and anger can change your life forever. What you cannot achieve through revenge, forgiveness can give you. Forgiveness and anger are two things leading to two different directions respectively. One leads to ultimate peace and another takes us to destructive mode. Let’s read few stories of forgiveness from Hitler’s concentration camps that will astonish you.

3. Money is the key to happiness?

A researcher’s team from the Purdue University in Indiana carried out a survey from more than 1.7m people from 164 countries worldwide. The new survey says that money is the key to satisfaction and greater fulfillment in life. High incomes bring more opportunities to be happy, though it is usually accompanied with high demands (time, workload, responsibility, etc.). Read complete story here.

4. Antidepressants drugs are effective and can cure chronic depression

According to authors of a groundbreaking study antidepressants work, some more effectively than others in treating depression. Doctors hope study will put to rest doubts about the medicine, and help to address global under-treatment of depression. They say that it will help to clear doubts about the controversial medicine which are used to cure chronic depression, stress and anxiety. Read what the research suggests.

5. Walking the dog or pottering in the garden could extend life expectancy 

Pottering around the garden or walking the dog is enough to help older men live longer, a new study suggests. The research suggests the total amount of time spent on activity is more important – with gentle movement enough to make a major difference. Read complete story here.

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