10 Most important Life Lessons From God Shiva that we must learn

In Hindu religion, God Shiva represents the universal consciousness.

Know what are 10 most important life lessons from God Shiva.

In Hindu religion, God Shiva represents the universal consciousness. He has 1008 name; each of them symbolize a specific nature or force of the universe. He is the creator and the destroyer of the universe. As a household, he balances all facets of life; as a Mahayogi he is an awaken soul; as a guru he is the source of knowledge; and as an individual he is the ideal personality that we want to follow. Let’s read 10 most important life lessons from God Shiva that we must learn to be successful in materialistic and spiritual life.

1. Self-control is the key

Practicing self-control is the key to success. Whatever you want to achieve, you can get, if you can control your desires, addictions and monkey mind. A controlled mind equals to nothing but a great boon from the god.

about shiva
about shiva

2. How to balance life

Shiva’s family is a wonderful family. Shiva is a monk spending most of his time in meditation; his spouse Parvati is a princess; Kartikaya, the elder son of family is the army chief of deities; Ganesha (second son) is the giver of wisdom and knowledge. Similarly Shiva, Parvati, Kartikaya and Ganesha ride on ox, lion, peacock and mouse respectively. All of these are enemies of each other but they live happily in Shiva’s family. Do you know, why? Shiva family symbolizes a perfect balance between the various aspects of life.

3. Nothing lasts forever

Shiva is the god of death and rebirth. He symbolizes the universal cycle of creation and destruction. He signifies s that life is momentary and what happens today will not remain the same forever. Once we accept that nothing is permanent in this world; we become free from sorrow, grief and sadness.

who is shiva and life lesson from God Shiva
who is shiva and life lesson from God Shiva

4. Happiness is more precious than anything

Shiva is a monk, who is happy with whatever he has. If he has everything, he is quite happy; if he has nothing, he is also happy. Being powerful, wealthy or anything (anybody want to be) does not mean you are missing something in life. To be happy you need nothing but practicing detachment from unfulfilled desires, thoughts of mind. This is the only way to live a happy life.

5. Respect feminine forces

‘Ardhanarishwar’ is one famous Avatar (and name) of Shiva. In this avatar, he is half masculine (or Shiva) and half feminine (Shakti). This indicates that to create and to operate the world we need perfect balance in both forces. Both are equal and must be treated equally. They are not made to compete but to co-operate each other to maintain a beautiful, lovely and enjoyable life.

Shiva the "ardhanarishwar"
Shiva the “ardhanarishwar”

6. How to suppress negative energy gracefully

“Neelkantha” is another name of Shiva. According to Hindu stories, Shiva consumed poison to save the world and locked it in his neck to avoid any harm to himself. His name Neelkantha (mean someone having blue neck) narrates the lesson, we must learn. Once we learn to control the negative side existing in ourselves and surrounding environment, we became the Shiva.

7. Balance is the ultimate goal of life

Shiva’s trident represents the three natures; (1) Sat, (2) Rajas, (3) Tama. Sat is the purely positive nature; Tama is the completely negative force; while Rajas is the balancing point of the both of two extremes. When Sat arises, mind starts to think like a monk, he denies living in the world; when Rajas arises, mind become ambitious and struggle to get maximum power for no goodness; when Tama increases, mind starts to absorbing negativity destroying each and everything. If you want to enjoy life, you must learn to balance all of three.

who is shiva and life lesson from God Shiva
who is shiva and life lesson from God Shiva

8. How to conquer ego easily

Ego is nothing but the unsatisfied desires and ambitions of mind. Once you start to feed them, they start to root in your heart. Every effort to satisfying them creates another invisible trap to control your consciousness. As a ‘Mahayogi’ Shiva teaches us “how to overpower the ego”.

9. Live in present

Shiva is beyond the time (all of three forms past, present and future). He is the start and end of the time, but he himself lives in the present, being himself on the stage of the world. He meditates not to gain supernatural powers but to enjoy the present moment; which is more important and precious than anything in the world. This is the same message given by the God Krishna in the Srimad Bhagwat Gita.

life lesson from dancing nataraj shiva
life lesson from dancing nataraj shiva

10. You must not tolerate evil

God Shiva is the destroyer of evil forces. He tolerates no injustice; he destroys whatever comes in the way of goodness. Shiva teaches us not only to protect us from evil but instructs to fight battle against evil powers too.

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